Mission Statement


The DREAM behind cross country travel writing and photography is to travel the highways and byways across America discovering the beauty, the unique and hidden places and looking at everyday places in a new way. Showing others what can be done and experienced while providing information on how to accomplish cross country travel, and giving others the vision they need to get out off the couch and experience America.

The goal is to be paid for this travel and sponsored to write about the beauty and present it in stunning photographs to average individuals for the purpose of inspiring them to enjoy the places, events, people, destinations and culinary opportunities available just out their backdoors.

To encourage and rouse people to travel: To see things they have never seen, experience enriching cultural and educational travel, to expand their horizons, to taste the regional foods, the authentic American events, the diversity of  the wildlife, and highlight those parts and pieces of America that are endangered of disappearing.

To engender appreciation and gratitude for the out of doors and all that nature offers, with emphasis on its healing beauty. To show how all of nature is connected and we are a part, connected to the whole. To promote individual responsibility as citizens of the earth to the vision that everyone is needed as an important voice in the preservation and conservation of the beauty that is America.


Cross country travel is about the call of the open road, the allure of the mystery over the horizon. It is about the adventure of finding places you have never heard of to explore on the spur of the moment. It is about following the serendipity of the journey.

Travel is about discovery and the sharing of experiences with family and friends that make it sweeter. It is a pilgrimage into America’s heritage and diversity. A journey of self discovery into what we choose to pursue and how it expands the heart.


About the Author

I was born and raised in Colorado Springs but have also lived in Utah and Arizona. I am m inspired everyday by six beautiful daughters. Currently traveling the highways and byways. Writing as the National/International Cross Country Travel Writer for Examiner.com and other freelance articles. Currently working on my new web-site blog dial911heaven.com and hope to see you there!